Reserve Shuttle


Type Locations Vehicle/Price
Full ShuttleHalf Shuttle
  • Put-In to Take-Out (Main Tuolumne or Cherry Creek)
Normal size: $160.00

Oversized: $180.00

Half Shuttle
  • Meral’s Pool Put-In to Casa Loma
  • Cherry Creek Put-In to Casa Loma
  • Casa Loma to Cherry Creek Take-Out (Meral’s Pool)
Normal size: $85.00

Oversized: $95.00

  • Prices are quoted on a per vehicle basis
  • Oversized vehicles: trucks or vans rated 1 ton or greater or with seating capacity of 12 or more
  • For vehicles with a trailer in tow, there is an additional charge of $10 per half shuttle


Please follow these simple guidelines to complete your reservation and ensure a quality shuttle experience. Advance reservations are strongly recommended. Same-day arrangements can often be accommodated but customers with reservations receive top priority.

Note: There is no cell phone reception at the Casa Loma meeting place, put-in or take outs. There is sporadic service in Groveland and in scattered locations along Highway 120 as you approach Yosemite National Park.

Advanced Reservations – Please fill out one vehicle reservation form and one agreement form for each vehicle to be shuttled. Return both to TRS at least one week before your trip via email or post. (Also include your check if this is the preferred payment method.) If you would like to use a credit card, follow your written reservation with a call to our office to provide us with details over the phone (Visa/MC/Disc only.) We will send you a confirmation letter and a set of instructions once your payment is finalized.

Same-Day/Last Minute Shuttles – Please look for a TRS shuttle vehicle at the Casa Loma Meeting Place and speak with the driver directly. Drivers are regularly present between 8AM-930AM or until reserved shuttle services depart. She will ask you to fill out the reservation and agreement forms and accept payment on site. If drivers have already departed for their scheduled route, feel free to flag them down or contact them at the Meral’s Pool put-in.

You may also contact us by phone. Even though there is no phone service in the immediate area, voicemail is checked frequently throughout the day so please leave a message with your name, shuttle needs and coordinates and we will make every effort to contact you before you head down river. See the Helpful Hints section (below) to assist in planning.


  1. Dirt roads can be treacherous on tires. Each vehicle must have a fully inflated spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench. Please make sure they are conveniently accessible and leave us a note with directions on how to find/remove them if needed. Also be sure to leave a key for locked lug nuts or if the spare is locked to a trailer or tire mount. We will do our best to plug, use Fix-A-Flat, or replace a tire to reach the take-out. We charge an additional fee (minimum 25.00) for repair services.
  2. If your vehicle has an alarm system, please leave simple details to disarm the system.
  3. Make sure there is enough fuel to drive the vehicle to complete the shuttle.
  4. Make sure the fluid levels, (oil, water, etc.) are checked and filled.
  5. If you encounter problems on your way to the Casa Loma meeting place, please contact us by phone so we can assist you. There is no cell phone reception in the immediate area but we check messages throughout the day. You may also contact a TRS driver directly.
  6. Gratuities are appreciated but not expected. If you are happy with your shuttle service, please feel free to leave a tip in an envelope or a folded piece of paper addressed to TRS on the front seat of your car. You may also call the office and approve an additional charge on your credit card.
  7. Cancellations: if you need to cancel you may do so up to 48 hours before your trip and receive a full credit to be used at a later date. There are no cash refunds. No credits will be issued if cancelled within 48 hours.